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Caring for your Equi-Scuto Products

The majority of our Leather products are water resistant and as such it takes only minimal time to maintain their beautiful appearance. 


The leather can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove any marks or mud. There is no need to apply any water repellant products as the leather is manufactured to retain its repellancy throughout its life. 


Horse boots  can be wiped with warm, slightly soapy water or saddle soap. We have power washed  boots with no adverse affects but we don't recommend that you do this regularly as we don't recomend that you put them in a machine wash even though we have done this on a cold wash and the boots have washed well. 


Suede leathers can be brushed with a specialist suede brush to restore the natural nap of the material  (Clearly this does not apply to Farriers Chaps) 


Boots that we consider to have deteriorated because of repeated unrecommended teatment may not be coverd by the warranty 

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