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Technical Information

Forcefield has led the way in introducing the concept that body protection doesn't have to be hard, rigid and uncomfortable to wear.

They are market leaders in soft armour technology, designing body armour so that it is flexible, moulds to the users' body and stays in place.  

More importantly they have proven that the performance is superior to the more mainstream hard plastic options available. Forcefield doesn't design products based on price hence their slogan is "PROTECTION: NO COMPROMISE"


We always use Pittards WR100 leathers in our performance equipment as it offers the best performance long term.


Pittards is a worldwide preferred supplier of high performance leather for many global brands of gloves, shoes, luxury leathergoods and sports equipment.


Pittards' offer innovative leathers which are differentiated from competing products by their performance properties, quality and consistency.


Properties of Pittards WR100 Leather:

  • Permanent water resistance

  • A beautiful appearance maintained over time.

  • Low water uptake

  • Maximum comfort benefits and unparalleled grip guaranteed time after time.

  • Optimum softness

  • Specially engineered leather which remains soft to the touch and keeps its shape consistently.

  • Excellent sweat resistance

  • Sustained suppleness for longer lasting gloves.

  • Unique breathability

  • Specially designed to offer optimum comfort.

Pure new wool

 Since the Stone Age, it has been appreciated as one of the most effective forms of all-weather protection known to man, and science is yet to produce a fibre which matches its unique properties.


As long as there is grass to graze on, every year sheep will produce a new fleece; making wool a renewable fibre source. Wool growers actively work to safeguard the environment and improve efficiency, endeavouring to make the wool industry sustainable for future generations.


Wool fibres are crimped, and when tightly packed together, form millions of tiny pockets of air. This unique structure allows it to absorb and release moisture—either in the atmosphere or perspiration from the wearer—without compromising its thermal efficiency. Wool has a large capacity to absorb moisture vapour (up to 30 per cent of its own weight) next to the skin, making it extremely breathable.


Wool fibres resist tearing and are able to be bent back on themselves over 20,000 times without breaking. Due to its crimped structure, wool is also naturally elastic, and so wool has the ability to stretch comfortably with the wearer, but are then able to return to their natural shape, making them resistant to wrinkling and sagging. Wool therefore maintains its appearance in the longer term, adding value to the product and its lifespan.

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